Repair or replace Electric power brush heads - all brands.

Including Service Calls; parts, motors, motor brushes, motor starters/circuit boards and more

We service all makes and models

of Central Vacuum Systems

Discount on Electric Power Brush Kits, and or electric power heads sold separately

Complete Central Vacuum inspection - 10-point check-up

Central Vacuum Service Calls

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Central Vacuums

Replace and or repair inlet valves - all styles, brands and makes.

Discount coupon for central vacuum units, replacement or new installations.

Repair or replace Electric hose handle - all styles.

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We do new home or retro-fit jobs. Built In Vacuum Coupons - Utah

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Replace Central Vacuum Electrical parts; motors, circuit boards etc.

Replace Central Vacuum Hose - 30' and 35' standard, electric or off and on styles.

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Clean piping system out, Unclog piping, repair or replace inlet valve covers and more

Complete System Clean-out including unclog your central vacuum piping

We will move, update, add, or replace central vacuum inlet valves - including piping.