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Automatic Dustpan
Essential tool to sweep and dust crumbs away. Open the dustpan with the tip of your toe, and make them disappear!

VacPac: White, Black, or Chrome

Traditional Filtration

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Traditional Filtration: The units equipped with filters of the Tradition collection are appreciated for their ecological and economic attributes. Both high-performance filters are reusable, and no bag is necessary.

Here's how this system works:

A cyclonic process separates dust from air with the centrifugal force and directs it to the bottom of the canister;
The pre-filter catches fine dust particles and the Cyclofiltre™ captures microscopic particles while preventing the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi.

CycloVac's three series: Compact, High Performance. & Extra Performance

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Retractable Hose System
The retractable hose automatically 
retracts inside the walls. No more hose to carry around!

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Carbon dust filtration system

CycloVac, it’s...

The high performance and reliability
Central vacuums that are entirely made in North America and renowned worldwide for their durability, and exceptional performance.

The experience
Over 50 years, from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in Canada.

The ease and speed
Use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments that will simplify your everyday life.

The proximity
Of a Cyclo Vac Expert who will be able to cater to all your needs and provide the assistance you deserve and expect, wherever you are.

CycloVac Central Vacuum 7515 with DataSync

Cyclovac H615

Filtration - Hybrid Collection: This collection offers a wide selection of central vacuums with our hybrid filtration system. These units can therefore be used with or without a bag. They are chosen for their high versatility of use.
Here's how this system works: 

Use with a bag: the electrostatic filter bag imprisons dust and ensures constant suction strength, despite the volume of dust inside.
Use without a bag: filtration is ensured by a self-cleaning filter capturing microscopic particles.

Hybrid Central Vacuum​

Cyclovac Central Vacuum Model 2015

with DataSync - Turbo Zoom

Available on various CycloVac models, our exclusive and innovative carbon dust filtration system captures that fine black dust produced by the motors, and usually deposited on walls and surfaces surrounding your central vacuum power unit.
Whether you choose a model from our Tradition Collection, or one from our High Efficiency Collection, you’re sure to breathe easier.

Filtration - High Efficiency: This series offers a wide selection of central vacuums equipped with disposable bags. These units are chosen for their ease of maintenance and because there is no contact with dust when emptying the canister.
Here's how this filtration system works:
- An electrostatic filter bag imprisons dust and ensures constant suction strength, no matter the volume of dust inside;
- The Cyclofiltre™, offered with an antimicrobial treatment, provides additional filtration and protection.

Cyclovac Central Vacuum Model 715

with carbon dust filtration

Cyclovac Central Vacuum

Model 615

with DataSync

The DataSync technology offers 
4 different power levels and signals recommended maintenance.

30' or 35' Hose - Special Offer


Electric Powerhead EBK341

shown with DataSync System

Available: 30' or 35' Hose

This auxiliary hose is always within 
reach to make small dry messes disappear.

Bathroom, Mudroom, Kitchen, Utility Rooms, or where ever room?


Premium Electric Brush Kit

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