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MD ACE Electric Brush Kit #425G


The BlackHawk kit features an effortless electric vacuum and industry standard accessories. If thorough cleaning on a budget is your main concern, MD's BlackHawk kit is a perfect choice. The BlackHawk is easy to control, and moves effortlessly around couches, chairs, and furniture. 

MD Response Electric Brush Kit #429G

For nearly 20 years, Stealth Central Vacuum Elec. Brush Kits have satisfied thousands of homeowners with excellent long-term cleaning. The latest Stealth Electric Brush Kit takes quality and performance to a whole new level while maintaining its most popular features. 

MD BlackHawk Electric Brush Kit #420G



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​We have wide variety of MD Central Vacuum Electric Brush Kits, as well as single replacement Electric power heads, plus non-electric Air-driven power brushes - Replacement Hoses, and accessories.

Ace Vacuum Kit features the durable Ace electric brush, as well as: V-Belt Protection Technology, Quiet Operation, Highest Height Adjustment, Foot Release of Wands, Accessories and Storage Tools, and 30' or 35' Premium hose available. 

The Response Kit features the new CT-23 vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Includes 30 ft hose, response 15" power brush, electric on/off hose, 12" wheeled floor brush, 6" upholstery tool with brush strip, dusting brush, & more! Call today for more features.

The new Complete-360 Platinum Plus Kit features the top-selling EBK 360 vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Achieve deep, heavy-duty cleaning capabilities with the electric-powered Complete 360 power brush kit. Contact us to find out more about this product!

MD Complete 360 Electric Brush Kit #427G

MD Stealth Electric Brush Kit #423G

Response Central Vacuum Kit

Stealth Central Vacuum Attachment Kit


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MD Central Vacuums - A Perfect Lineup: SilentMaster | FloMaster | ModernDay | AirMaster

BlackHawk Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

Ace Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

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Central Vacuums

MD Central Vacuum Units are designed and assembled in the USA to ensure quality, power, and durability. Motors are strategically installed at the base of the unit to keep the vacuum unit cooler. MD unit collection includes:

  • Silent Master
  • Air Master
  • Flo-Master
  • Modern Day

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Complete 360 Central Vacuum Kit